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Why should I be a member of a union?




  • Your membership contributes to bargaining power with our district; High rates of membership make us all stronger

  • You are represented by a bargaining team that negotiates for wages, health benefits, and working conditions

  • Your interests are represented on district committees ranging from special education, assessments, report cards, curriculum, technology, and the district calendar, just to name a few

  • You are entitled to assistance in filing of grievances should that become necessary

  • You can vote in elections regarding Association leadership, EGUSD calendar, and tentative agreements as well as site sidebars

  • Enforcement of the collective bargaining contract and labor law

  • Legal Resources: You are entitled to a lawyer in an employment related case. It only takes one incident for there to be an issue, you never know when you may need representation by both the local (EGEA) association and/or legal counsel

  • Protection and negotiation of fair hiring and transfer processes

  • Protections of academic freedom

  • You or your dependents may be eligible to apply for EGEA/CTA Scholarships

  • The wage gap between men and women and people of different races is negligible, if anything, in a union position (Economic Policy Institute & VOX)




Why Should I be a Member of a Union? Handout

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