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EGEA Political Action Committee (PAC)

In 2012, EGEA membership voted to begin contributions to a political action committee (PAC) that would support EGUSD school board candidates that might be endorsed by EGEA.  In 2016, EGEA voted to include supporting local measures that support EGUSD schools with EGEA PAC money.


  • How much are PAC dues?

    • Dues are currently $20 a year ($2 a month x 10 months) and have not changed since 2012. Members who wish to opt out of this political activity may do so by completing a dues rebate request obtained at the EGEA office. This must be done annually in person to verify the identity of the member. The rebate is then mailed to the members at the end of the school year.

  • Describe the procedure that must be followed for the EGEA PAC to endorse a potential School Board Candidate or Local Measure.

    • School Board Candidate:  First, a potential candidate must file paperwork at the Sacramento County Elections Office. After the filing period closes, all candidates are invited to be interviewed if they would like to seek an EGEA endorsement. Next, candidates are invited to a one-hour interview with EGEA members who serve on the PAC committee. Questions range from general (ex: Local Control Funding Formula [LCFF], common core) to specifics (ex: EGUSD budget, vision, community concerns). In addition, candidates are given the opportunity to provide a written response to a prompt about a current educational issue. The next step is for the PAC committee to discuss the candidates and make a recommendation to the EGEA Executive Board. The PAC can choose to recommend a candidate or remain neutral in the school board election. The Exec Board then discusses the PAC recommendations and votes whether to approve the recommendation and move it forward to the Representative Council.  The EGEA Rep Council is informed of the recommendation of the PAC and Executive Board. Rep Council makes the final decision on endorsements. If accepted, the EGEA President would contact each candidate with the results of the endorsement. Upon a vote of the Rep Council, EGEA will make public the endorsement for the School Board election.

    • Local Measures: The EGUSD would bring forward a local ballot measure (such as Measure M) that would directly impact our schools and students.  Any recommendation for support for support for local measures is voted upon by Rep Council.

  • What can PAC money be used for?

    • Money in the EGEA PAC can be used for the EGEA endorsed candidate in an EGUSD School Board Election for activities including phone banking, mailings, lawn signs, and precinct walks.  Every expenditure is reported to the FPPC (Fair Political Practice Commission) per the elections financial disclosure requirements.

  • What can’t the money be used for?

    • Money from the PAC cannot be used for any other local or statewide political office, any proposition or statewide initiative, or NEA/CTA endorsed candidates.

Click HERE for a printable copy of this information.

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