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EGEA Scholarships

EGEA is proud to have the following scholarships available:

  • Elk Grove Education Association Scholarship - High School seniors who are the child of an EGEA member may apply.  There are five $1000 scholarships available.

  • Jessie Millers Scholarship - Current High School seniors who promoted from Prairie Elementary School may apply for this scholarship.  There is one $500 scholarship available.

2023-2024 EGEA Scholarship Application

The deadline to submit EGEA scholarship applications for this year is Friday, February 23, 2024.

Information about CTA scholarships can be found HERE. Deadlines for CTA scholarships vary.

Congrats to the 2022-2023 EGEA scholarship winners!

EGEA Scholarships:

Niya Bumbaca

Brooke Hanson

Brock Jedlicka

Scott Nixon

Ai Hoang Tai

EGUSD Memorial Scholarship:

Sia Sama

Jessie Miller Scholarship:

Katie Lewis

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