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Member Benefits

Besides representation at the local level, CTA/EGEA membership provides many additional benefits for educators. For a full listing of benefits and details, go to Some sections may require member log in.

NOTE: Individuals who transition to management may choose to continue their membership so that they can retain many of these valuable CTA benefits. If continuation of membership is not desired, you must notify the Association in writing. Contact the EGEA office for further information.

CTA Guide to Death Benefits

This issue of the CTA Member Benefits Update newsletter is dedicated to death benefits that the family of a deceased member is entitled to. It includes information about some of the programs below, such as the CTA Death and Dismemberment Plan and the NEA Complimentary Life Insurance, but also a variety of other possible benefits. Scroll down to the end of the issue to find contact information for a variety of resources.

EGUSD also offers a life insurance policy for all classified and certificated non-management employees. The benefit covers up to $50,000 of life insurance through The Hartford. You can read more about this policy on the district site HERE.

Disability and Life Insurance Coverage

Educators in public schools do not qualify for state disability which makes looking at the disability coverage provided by The Standard even more critical. No one ever thinks it will happen to them, but a single fall, car accident, serious illness, or complicated pregnancy can put you out of work, potentially without pay, for an extended period of time. The Standard Disability Insurance can help provide you with an income until you return to work. New hires must enroll within 270 days of their start date. Remember that if you have taken a maternity or leave of absence you must re-enroll. Continuing EGEA members can enroll at anytime but may be subject to the medical requirements.  Click HERE to find out more about enrolling in disability and life insurance, refer to the right hand column.

CTA Death and Dismemberment (D&D) Plan

The CTA Death and Dismemberment (D&D) Plan is an automatic benefit available to eligible CTA members at no additional cost. If an eligible CTA member dies or suffers a dismemberment (i.e., suffers a loss of limb or other qualifying injury), her/his beneficiary(ies) will receive a lump-sum cash payment.  Click HERE for more information.

NEA Complimentary Life Insurance

The NEA Complimentary Life Insurance is an automatic benefit which pays benefits if an eligible NEA/CTA member dies or becomes dismembered (i.e., suffers a loss of limb or other qualifying injury) as a result of an accident or assault.  Click HERE for more information.

NEA Educators Employment Liability Program (EEL)

The NEA EEL Program is a professional liability insurance program that covers the legal costs of defending civil proceedings brought against you in the course of your work as an educator and up to $1,000,000 in damages assessed against you as a result of such proceedings. The Program also provides reimbursement for attorney fees for the defense of criminal proceedings if exonerated, bail bond reimbursement, and assault-related personal property benefit as related to your employment.

Group Legal Services Program (GLSP)

Individuals may be referred by a CTA Primary Contact Staff to an attorney for advice and consultation regarding covered employment related matters including RIF’s, discrimination, and termination. Members can also access an attorney for a thirty minute consultation for personal issues by getting a referral from their local association.  Read more about legal services HERE.

Discounts and Travel

CTA’s large membership creates purchasing power! As a result, CTA is able to provide a long list of discounts on retail shopping, entertainment and vacation destinations. Check out the discounts available next time you plan an outing! Click HERE for the CTA member Benefits website.  In addition to these specific deals, programs and discounts, NEA has an entire site devoted to Member Benefits as well. Click HERE to visit their site and HERE to follow them on Facebook. Click HERE to get a pdf summary of NEA Member benefits programs, discounts, and deals.  Members can also take advantage of discounts on home and auto insurance via California Casualty (CTA endorsed). 


Mobile App

For more member discounts, download the My Deals app from iTunes or Google Play stores.  You must be a registered CTA Member Benefits user to log in to these apps for deals.

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